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Sir Iam a new user of the open source Linux o/s upto now i used windows o/s but iam not feeling any difference between them bcz iam using Knoppix3.2 version Iam working with Knoppix on Cd so iam unable to install Audio drivers on my system my system configurations are given                                                                                    Configuration

Celeron 1.7 ghz processer
256 MB Ram
Intel Gigabyte Mb
plz tell me how can i Install Audio Drivers on my system
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Well!! Y you want to stick to the knoppix.. ?? you have tried the linux from knoppix.. Now you can have dual boot as you are familier with linux now...  To install a sound driver you have to find the driver for you sound card .. better find in rpm format as you are newbie then simply run that package.. and rpm will do every thing for you!!


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