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request help for apache server


hi all, me is new to linux, I had just install VMware into my Window 2000 PC. This VMware allow me to have a emulation for install Linux, therefore my situation is as below:

1) Install Fedora Core 1 as OS
2) Apache Web Server
3) php4 mod.
4) MySQL

May I ask which version is compatible ?

Well.. i never suggest  to use emulation to take the full out of linux and moreover it requires a computer with higher power and resources...

In respect to your question.. the latest veriosn of Vmware can do the job for you! and i am not sure that fadora is providing the apache configured with php and mysql modules.. (not yet seen fedora on my desktop)
But if it is not provided preconifugered in fedora then you can download the preconfigured apache with all the modules from the net.. that will be easy for newbie like you!!


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