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Author Topic: knoppix install and partitioning  (Read 4641 times)

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knoppix install and partitioning
« on: September 29, 2004, 05:12:22 PM »
i have been going from distro to distro trying a few out, after my first failed attempt on freebsd, i've decied to give knoppix 3.6 a try on my hard drive. i have two hdd's, hda(200gb) with 150gb ntfs on hda1, and 50gb for linux on hda2..., on hdb1, i have a 6gb fat32. after my failed freebsd, my hda2 is messed up. when i run qtparted on knoppix its scans hdb fine, but give a critical error on hda and crashes the progam. when running knoppix-installer on root, under partioning part, it gives error that hda is read only, and i cant do anything. im not sure what to do. but i have important info on hda1 that i really cant loose, i still have the freebsd bootloader, but it only works for xp and it scares me a bit. how can i fix my partions? thanks!

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knoppix install and partitioning
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2004, 06:56:54 PM »
ive run windows98 fdisk, and the resultes dont match up:

partiton    -  format      -      mbytes       -   usage
1               -        NTFS    -          18925    -      30%
2                -           EXT-DOS    -      44461    -      70%

total disk space 63402

the ntfs partition shold be 150bg, not 19, if ext-dos is my messed up linux partition it shold be around 50, well 44 is close. but still

i also ran the fedora core installer, and it also gave back an error:

"Invaild PArtition table on /dev/hda - wrong signature - 0"

that cant be good. i can reinstall windows if i must, but i have liek 20gb of stuff i really cant loose. unless anyone knows how it fix the partition table, or a way i can create anther partion just to store data then delete it later. i dunno....any suggestions?

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knoppix install and partitioning
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2005, 07:20:59 PM »
You can use fips / partition magic from windows to partition the space in ext2.You may need a swap space, that can be determined by ur memory(RAM). For 128 mb RAM u can use around twice or more than twice that of
ur RAM.

I use 700mb swap for 128mb RAM.
Its fast if we have some more swap.

Regarding the hd install of knoppix, u must goto start--->run--->type konsole and press return
Now u should type su and press return
followed by typing of "knx2hd" , this will bring a GUI
installer. You must config and use the installer wisely to setup the system of ur choice