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Do Redhat is going to stop it???


Hi.. guys.. i had heard lots of time that redhat is not going to provide the redhat linux free ???

Is it true ???  If yes  then don't they ruining The GPL ??? or I think GNU..

From what I have read Redhat for the desktop is being changed to Fedora.  I think it is available for download for free.  Not real sure on that.

I also have read the Fedora is, like Mandrake, going in seperate directions.

Hope that helps some.

 :D  :D  :D

yes I have started downloading my Fedora. so it's free

Hi guys, i have used Fedora. Well, i feel like using Red Hat 9 when using Fedora.  :)

I installed on a Pentium 120 Mhz running 32MB EDO RAM, 2 GB of harddisk space and it just give me a message "Not enough resources to run the installation....." and the installation stopped.

 But when i run it on my notebook P3 850 MHz, 256 MB of SD RAM, well, it's nice.


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