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I find many users and critics questioning the readiness of Linux for the Desktop. For the users who are waiting on the wings to see if they should migrate to Linux, this is also a big question.

Tom Adelstein attended the Desktop Linux Consortium Conference at Boston on Nov 10 last and has posted an article at giving his summation of the issues. He feels that the desktop capability of Linux is grossly underrated. For those who are curious please check the article at . It makes a good, informative reading even for beginners who would like to know the relative merit of the various Linux distros.

Well.. saw that article.. little long..  As u is providing good guidelines..  but i feel that it has not all that a newbie who is migrating to linux wanna know...

although it can make a good start....

Good article for the most part.  I still think a person can learn Linux as well as windoze.  I'm going to fix up a old puter and put Gentoo on it for my 70 year old mother.  She has never used a puter and will learn one as good as the other.

If you want training wheels use windoze.  If you want to drive a car get Linux.  What a Parche, get Gentoo, Slack or even Linux from Scratch.

My two cents.


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