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telnet for squid


i read some ware that it is possible to use win98 telnet to squid running under linux redH9
BUT i didnt under stand that is it possible to use lan connected win98 to telnet the squid cache stop start or config
 i need how to i tried by using my cache box ip and port but failed to login
from win98  it say unable to open port

Yes. you can start , stop squid on Redhat 9 machine from win98 using SSH etc.

SSH is preconfigured in RH9 mostly so you have to only see this how to to configure SSH

Now download PUTTY !! it is used to access SSH from win98 machine. :)

thanks as you now i told you before that i didnt login in red hat squid is configured to run on start so my box is without keyboard and monitor so did this putty work in this way or i have to login in redhat to start the service

yes.. it will work.. after making one time configuration in REDHAT machine you can do everything without touching the RH9 machine .. you can do all administrative stuff from windows machine using putty!

Never never use telnet is my advice.

Use SSH. (For windows, yes use puTTY to connect to the server.)

U need SSHD (SSH daemon a.k.a SSH Server) to listen for remote access.

Well, if ur lazy with the GUI, install an X11VNC/ VNC and login to ur LINUX box using VNC. :)


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