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Won't boot??RedHat9


Hi, i am Linux newbie, I was running win Xp on my computer but then I bought RedHat 9. I installed the redhat in a 10 GB partition , Every thing was going fine except one day when i reinstall the windows XP.
Now I am unable to start Linux. I am totally newbie so is there any way to boot redhat otherwise I have to reinstall the redhat in order to boot.

Please help me !
Thank you! in Advance....

u donot need to reinstall linux
just put in ur cd go in linux rescue
for that type
1 linux rescue
 and then enter
it will throw u at the prompt
then type
2 chroot /mnt/sysimage
3 for grub type grub-install /dev/hda
this will install the boot loader on the mbr of ur harddisk
u should also read the grub info pages for any risks.


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