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I think i got a pretty good newbie qeustion.............I c all this talk about linux can read and right from and to a FAT32 but i havent seen anybody say how u do it i deul boot(becuz i share my puter)and the time that i been on linux i cant get my files (music,movies,etc......)

I think I got what you are saying.  You can dual boot Linux and windoze and share files.  NTFS is a bit risky but it is getting much better.  Redhat does have the support so it will be available to the other distros soon.

You can access windoze from Linux but I don't think windoze will access Linux.

That answer your question?


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u can use us windoze drives by mounting it. The easiiest way to mount is by using the command

--- Code: ---mount <dev> <mount point>
--- End code ---
the <dev> will be /dev/hda1 if ur windoze is in first partition of ur hdd which is a primary master
<mount point> will be the directory where it will mount . i make it /mnt/c as my mount point u may also create one.
instead u may put all these commands in /etc/fstab.
if u have windoze 2000 of xp u may be having an ntfs partition for this u may have to recompile the kernel and select the ntfs partitions or instead make a module ntfs.o and put it in ur running kernel and follow the same steps as above

Hi guys.. i have given a script to mount win partitions automatically ... See in how to...


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