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co existing win2000 and linux mandrake 9.1


i have a system which i partitioned the hard disk into 3 one c: i  installed win98 and the second d: i installed win2000 and the third has nothing in it. So i deletted c: which has win98 and installed mandrake linux now i can't use my win2000 again so how can i make both to run together or to co-exist. thanks

window like to have on primary partition . but since you have moved it to other partittion .. than primary.. so it will not boot..  
first make Linux Startup disk.. ...
then you can use win2000 installation disk to overwrite the MBR .. by recovery console.. use fixmbr and fixboot commands there.. but it will remove the linux bootloader.
Now again boot to linux using boot disk we had created.. then  use either

--- Code: ---/sbin/grub-install
--- End code ---
for grub...


--- Code: ---lilo
--- End code ---
for lilo..

U have to use only one of above..

Then u should be able to boot to both OS using.


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