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Hi i recently installed mandrake9.2 and am having a sound problem im using a c-media electronics ?CM8738 i have a real low sound under some muffle/static dunno was working fine on my mandrake9.1 system with little flaw then i set a partion aside for windows and upgraded to 9.2 didnt have any sound at all for awhile went to hardrake ran a few configure commands then it finally came on any help is appreciated


Have you went through Mandrake Control Center, clicked oh hardware the see if the soundcard is listed there?  You may want to try different drivers too.

I never got sound to work right under 9.2.  I went back to 9.1 because most everything that worked fine in 9.1 didn't work at all in 9.2.

I know that the kernel sources are not included in the install of 9.2.  That may have a lot to do with this stuff not working.


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yeah its listed there in mandrake control center ive messed with it for awhile and thats the only thing i can come up with is that its gotta b the 9.2 ill try going back to 9.1 c if it stops then cuz it worked fine in 9.1 thanks for the help

Like that name by the way.  I have been a few rounds with Linux and that 9.2 is really buggy.  It looks nice but it still needs some work.  I can't believe that was supposed to be the final version.  Mandrake 9.1 with the bug fixes would have been a lot better.

It may help if you get the kernel sources.  I have a slow dial-up and just got tired of messing with it.


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