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There is a problem installing knoppix help !!!


I am having problem with KNOPPIX when doing the installation Set up the passwords for root ,if i try to type the password it will not type on the space for the password what could be the problem. I mean this is a new setup from my boot disk to my hd. If trying to type in the password for the root as required by the setup it will not type  :?:

Please need urgent help.

I never used the knoppix as hd install...
but for the password not appearing .. this is normal .. actually linux don't show the asteriek in the command line for passwords..

I m not expert of linux.. if i m wrong plz correct me..

But have you installed Knoppix? And does the root password work fine? Then why worry. It will ask you to retype the password and proceed when the two sets match. Once the installation proceeds, it should mean all is okay.


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