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I have compiled kernel and installed it, when i restarted my system
the new kernel dosnt have X11 facility i forgot to compile it  :( and now
my old kernel also boots same as new, I made a complete renstall of linux.Plz tell me how to avoid this problem. I want to keep old and new kernels seperate.
Plz tell me how

Never never overwrite ur kernel image but keep a copy of it.

For me, i add a new entry to the boot manager (LILO/GRUB) but not edit existing line. So if anything goes wrong u can still boot using the existing kernel. I even kompile the kernel as a unique name. To avoid this problem.

if you use the command make install after the compilation of the kernel, it itself makes a new entry in lilo or grub.conf. hence you may use that.

did u take the back of old image? if you did, you can make your old config again!!


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