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hi, new t o this forum. it's good to see such nice forum on gnu/linux. but i think there nust be a exclusive room for gnu/linux , free and open source software.

as i think  now a days everybody is talking about the robustness of gnu/linux and linux but none is care about the FREEDOM of Free and open source software.

personaly i use gnu/linux not for it's robustness or stability only but also because it gives me much freedom.

what do you think...


Yup.. this forum is all for GNU/Linux . I used Linux b'coz I was looking for a change.. and now I am in it more than any thing !!

Well You are welcome.. and ya it is stable.. and I feel every time when I see blue screen in M$ Environment ..

I support firewall... just create a new section or rename an existing section that carters to Free Software Advocacy ...


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