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Hello all u!! Just happen to found this..  so one question came out of my mind..

I m thinking to learn few things in linux.. already comfortable with linux..
So.. my question is that...
If I want to go in programming feild of linux then where should i go..
Is that C or C++ ??

and hw linux scripting is different from Linux programming..
Need Advice..

Thank you! for u upcoming response..

I m .. top .. i m  TARAJ

i think c is a better option. if u compile the kernel it is all on c not c++ u can check it as it uses gcc not g++.
moreover it is beleived that codes on c are much faster as compared to that on c++, therefore all the drivers also ull find are on c. so in this sense i think c is a better option.

From what i understand:

Linux programming and scripting is the same thing when u refer to linux only.

Scripts are written to ease ur life a bit on running programs u want it to be in linux.

But when u say u program linux. :) Then that's a world of difference.

So what do you guys think is the better option of the following. Please give reasons for your choice.

1. C
2. C++
3. Java
4. Something else (please specify)

Want to start Linux Programming. I have done C under DOS and various other programming languages like COBOL, Clipper, FoxPro, Visual Basic, etc. So I am not new to programming, but I am somewhat new to Linux.

I u wanna do hardware programming, u want speed, then should go for C/C++ but if u want u application to go for portability and large scale enterprise, use Java.

To learn scripting language go here:

For books, i encourage u to look for



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