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Using reliance CDMA phone as modem to connect internet

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Tutorial :Using CDMA phone as modem to connect internet ( Using Wvdialer as Internet Dialer) How to, Tutorial
Distro specific : No (Works on almost every standard Linux Distribution)
Skill level: Newbie
Time for procedure : Depends upon machine and user.
Prerequestic : Little knowledge of Linux operating, a reliance phone connected to PC using data cable.

Author's Note:

Earlier I  posted "a how to like reply" as answer to a post but due to lots of question on similar topic  I decided to write this detailed tutorial. This tutorial can be used to configure any reliance phone to connect to internet. If you have samsung USB phones then it get first configured automatically by KUDZU in Redhat then you can use following steps further to connect to internet. Most of the time your phone will not be autodetected by such utility if it has serial connectivity but don't worry it will still work. Here we will use Wvdial , which is a command line utility to connect to internet. There is also Kwvdial which is a GUI for same but I havn't used that yet.

Using CDMA phone as Modem to connect to internet
So to connect to internet using CDMA phone you have to use Wvdial. For first time you have to use Wvdialconf, a utility come with wvdial to configure it. To run it just connect your device and then run it using..

--- Code: ---wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf
--- End code ---
It will show some testing and if it founds modem then will tell the port on which it founds.

Now open your /etc/wvdial.conf

There put following code (there will be few things already like modem string and modem port, use those string instead of given here as those are one which your modem or phone support.

--- Code: ---[Modem0]
Dial Command = ATDT
FlowControl= Hardware (CRTSCTS)
[Dialer reliance]
Username= Ph No.
Password= Ph No.
Stupid Mode= 1
Inherits = Modem0

--- End code ---

Here in above code change /dev/input/ttyS0 to your computer's com port if you are using serial cable other if you are using USB then replace that with ttyACM2 or ttyACMx here x= you USB port.

Now to connect to internet type at console

--- Code: ---wvdial reliance
--- End code ---
You should be connected to internet if every thing is fine.

To disconnect you have to use Ctrl+C .

To check it open another terminal and type
--- Code: ---ifconfig ppp0
--- End code ---
If it is not connected it will say no such device found. If it gives some info then you are connected to internet.

Finally : I have not tested it on all reliance set but it should work most of the CDMA phones. I kindly request you all to share your experience and make it useful.

After about 2 weeks of playing around , my LG2130 is now making it possible to go out on the net . just so that everybody knows , the configuration you need ,

LG2130 cdma phone ,
AVON EZ surf USB data cable ,
rconnect1.0 from relianceInfocomm website(Select LG2030 and USB as your model)


I tried to edit the file /etc/wvdial.conf with the file that you provided.
But it is showing the following error, after I give this command wvdial indicom (I named so instead of reliance)

--- Quote ---
--> WvDial: Internet dialer Version 1.55
--> Cannot get information for serial port.
--> Initializing modem.
--> Sending: ATZ
--> Modem initialized
--> Sending: ATD#777
--> Waiting for carrier
-->No Carrier! Trying again
-->Sending: STD#777
-->Waiting for Carrier.

--- End quote ---

This is repeating (like a loop) everytime.
What should I do to fix this ?

I have answered you here --> Using TATA Indicom Walky as CDMA Modem

Thanks man,I was able to connect in Ubuntu :)


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