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What about a chat room?


I belong to LQ and wish they had one. I think it would be really cool!

R u suggestng that .. we  should start a chat room like thing here?

I think a chat room would be really cool if you had the sever space to do it. I like linuxquestions but the one thing I must say that would make me like it even more is if you could go in there and chat or have a room in irc or something. I like to belong to a cummunity, and LQ since I installed linux has been a big part of my learning as well as a place to post my opinions and help when I can. I believe that a place that offers chat or a scheduled chat session to debate about linux or to just chat and get to know one another would be a great place to hang out and just bs. Why we are on the suggestions how about a quike reply? And what about a spell check? My grammer is not the best and I have seen a lot of posts in LQ where I wished they would use the darn spell check button. I think what you have here is great but I also think if you step out of the oridinary just forum it will help bring people to your site.

Just my 2 cents!

Well having room on IRC is not good..  ya we can have chat room on our site..
I have taken ur suggestion.. but it will take few time to implement..

Any more suggestion from anyone..??


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