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Problem with resoloution 1024x768


I've got a RedHat Linux ver.9 and 17" Genius monitor and a TNT2 video card with 32MB memory, but I can't set my display resoloution to 1024x768! Anybody knows how to do that? Although I can set it to 640x480 but no resoloution greater than 800x600  :(

It seems u have specified the wrong specification  for ur card. Is this so.. If not tell us..

No, actualy I've done everything right, but I think the Linux kernel is some sort of confused, once I tried to set up the card WRONG, it did the job, and did set the resoloution up at 1024 but when I clicked on OK, everything reseted to the first configuration ! but I guess it's because of my monitor, mayB, because Linux can't probe my monitor completely, just named it Unprobed Monitor. anyway, something interesting, the last time I installed Linux on my computer, I had an other Monitor which was a 14" Acer monitor, and I could set the resoloution to 1024x768 but now, with this monitor, I can't, because of this, I say mayB the problem is because of my monitor ! :)

Seems like you have mentioned either your display card or your video card wrong. Well manually configure both monitor and video card separately. Well for configuring the monitor you may need to give the horizontal and vertical freq and for videocard the memory availiable. All the best.


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