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i'm tring to get into linux, i have xp and suse 9.1 on this machine, but am thinking about switching distros.  first what distro does everyone else like?  im thinking about fedora core.  second, i have suse 9.0 on an old machine, i want to wipe the hard drive, in order to install the new distro to see if i want to drop suse on my main machine in favor of the new one.  i know how to use fdisk, but how do i do it on linux?  will the new distro have a utility built in during install to do it?

Fedora Core is a quite user friendly tool for me. Maybe im very used to Red Hat Linux hahaha.

Well, if use Fedora, it's like some "Next---Next---Next" installation".  Do u mean windows fdisk?). Ur life is much easier now as there is a tool called Disk Druid which is almost similar to Partition Magic. It's a menu based disk partitioning tool.

i will give disk dtuid a try, any other suggestions beside fc?

U can try to use Mandrake as well :)

Or even Lindows.

So far i have used Mandrake, RedHat/Fedora Core, Slackware, Topologi Linux, and Knoppix.

For me i prefer Mandrake, Redhat/FC, and Slackware. For GUI intensive users i still suggest u stick with Mandrake and FC. :)

Well in Linux also there is fdisk just type fdisk /dev/hda if your hdd is a primary master then then type m for help and you will be able to manage it.............


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