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Author Topic: Fedora Core 2 & Nvidia Drivers  (Read 4888 times)

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Fedora Core 2 & Nvidia Drivers
« on: June 06, 2004, 08:16:56 AM »
I discovered that the standard fedora core 2 install with nvidia video drivers didnt work . i look into this and found that the stock kernel is only 4stack and this can cause issuses with video and also wireless. to overcome this there is a rpm package available to correct this.

i down load the kernel rpm and then used rpn -U for upgrade it upgrade my kernel when i rebooted i was using the new 8stack kernel i then rebooted into text mode (init 3) installed the latest nvidia drivers edited the xorg.conf file by changing nv to nvidia and commented out dri under the section module at start and then rebooted nvidia loaded and works

The rpm is available here:

many thanks to liuxant.com for this.