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LNX-BBC (Linux - Bootable Bussiness Card)


I have downloaded the LNX-BBC 2.1 distribution of Linux which is quit interesting and small in size, just one problem, how can  I connect to internet or a LAN?

That's a easy job...
first decide that wht u want to use ur linux ... as sever or as client.
If server then u can use dhcpd ,proxy , nfs, samba and various other servers to share file on ur LAN.
If as client.. just configure ur eth0 go get ip address from dhcp if u r having dhcpd server on lan otherwise give a static one.

Now to share files on ur lan .. i suggest samba.. as it works best in heterogenous networks.

And to connect to internet.. u have to first tell us that wht type of connection u r having .. is it simple dialup, ISDN, Cable or wht??

Now give us ur detail .. wht u exactly wanna do?

I have seen the one you have on TV.  It should have some support for that.  Since it boots from a really small kernel, it will not be that great.  It is really for rescueing data and such, not for general everyday use.

You may want to try Knoppix.  It has more features and can be installed on a hard drive and customized a good bit more.

Hope that helps.


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You may want to check out this link if you haven't already.

I have never used this one before.  It says it supports it, I'm just not sure how.

Wish I could help more.


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