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to learn about zipslack


i have just installed zipslack. it do not run in form of windows but runs only
in form of dos prompt.Is there any way out so that it may run just like windows
How can i learn the commands used in linux.
Pls do help me?

Zipslack is basically a non GUI version of Slackware.  If you want a GUI, you may want to just install Slackware.

Here is a link for what you have.

You may be able to add a GUI, but it may not work right and will likely be harder that just installing the regular version of Slackware.  This is really for use on a floppy or systems using a small hard drive.

If you live close to your ISP, you may want to visit and ask them if they can download the files and burn them to a CD for you.  You will need to take some CDs of course.  No freebies there.

Hope that helps.


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Oh, good Linux link here.

Take you a while to read all that.  Whew!!

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