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how to use linux for an internet cafe


Does anyone have an idea how i can network linux for an internet cafe environment

is cybera available for linux

internet cafes in are complaining of viruses, so thought i could move them to linux and then use win, but the trouble is the networking bit,

anyone with a tutorial on linux networking for newbies

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Hi chiefdembe,

You have first install Linux and configure networking router
Please see the below mention link for router configure in linux.

u can try Zencafe GNU/Linux its a desktop Linux distribution designed specifically for public Internet cafés. Based on Slackware and Zenwalk Linux, it includes auto-recovery features, Internet café billing and management software, and other graphical system administration tools. Zencafe's default edition uses Xfce as the main desktop, while its "Lite" edition, designed for older or less powerful computers, installs the IceWM window manager.

Hi, people.
My modem is a octal a360 for ADSL, how can I get Internet on linux??
I tryed but i didnt anything.
and, just one more thing.
how is it there?


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