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Difference between major distros and why?

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If you want technical info, I would try the Redhat website.  You can most likely just search and find the answer but since I have never used Redhat, I have very little info.  I know what little I have read about it but not much else.  They also have a section for how to set up things and how it works.  At least they did the last time I looked.  For Ubuntu distros, I have found their documentation seriously lacking.  As bad as the docs are, the forums are as bad or worse.  I usually ask Kubuntu questions on the Gentoo mailing list where I am a frequent user/helper. 

When booting, it depends on what the system is set up to do.  If it is a headless server, then it boots and starts its services.  If it is a desktop, then it boots and loads the GUI part.  All this depends on what you have told it to do either during the install or when configuring the system.  With Linux, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Each distro varies a little on boot sequence.  Mine for example doesn't require a initrd image tho you can use one or some setups may require it.  Mine goes like this:  BIOS screen, grub menu, loading kernel, starting init and then services.  As far as differences, basically none.  All Linux installs can be set up to do the same thing.  It's all about how it is configured. 

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