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Failed to open /etc/webmin/webmin/oscache for writing : Disk quota exceeded


I am using virtualmin over webmin and today I suddenly saw this error.

--- Code: ---Failed to open /etc/webmin/webmin/oscache for writing : Disk quota exceeded
--- End code ---

I just can't do anything, everywhere this error is coming but form ssh I can see that there is lots of space available on my server. Please help me what to do here ..

There is a difference between disk quotas and having disk space.  I have never used quotas before but from what I have read, it limits space based on a specific user or perhaps software.  Somewhere, there is a config file that tells how much space a user can use and you need to increase that.  Have a look at these two links:

It appears there is more than one software package that does this.  They also seem to have different commands.  You may have to find out what software you have installed to manage this before you can find out what commands to use. 

Hope this helps tho. 

 :)    :)

Thanks dalek but I think I found the problem, it was limit imposed by hosting provider in some form of inodes..

Ah, that will do it to.  That error is sort of misleading isn't it?   ???

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Ya, that was indeed misleading, I had plenty of gigs space available on the server and still that error.
Its resolved now.


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