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If linux is free why is Africa not using it


The constant cry in African countries like mine (South Africa) is that we are constantly crying that we dont have enough resources.

So why dont we just make use of the linux operating system, its free and it offers a better opportunity for discovery, learning and innovation than any other operating system.

Personally i am going to market Linux to all internet cafe's in South Africa as a solution to their perennial problems of viruses.

Just need a way to make some great windows softwares to run in Linux.

I have read where a lot of places in Africa uses Linux.  I have seen where people donate computers, recycled ones, to some of the poorer places and they generally have Linux on them.  It may not be popular where you live but it is in other places.  Linux is a great OS once a person gives it a fair try out.  Now if a person goes in with the intention to not like, odds are they won't.  Basically, Linux does what windoze does only better.  Most are free too.  You just download them and install.  They do take donations tho.

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Because people are so much used to windows that they are hasitant to try to linux and people should understand Linux is not M$ windows.

because microsoft is so good at marketing a bad crappy product


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