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i am new linux user who is just transferred from a windows environment and i am doing some projects with the embedded system control using keil compiler ...i am intrested in sharing the detailed programming structure for embedded system using linux any one with ideas plz forward :idea:

You can do that in linux with AVR gcc compiler and u must used it as a C compiler for Microcontroller or PIC ,C compiler
see those links

thanks for your suggestion  shams dude , as i am intrusted to move on to better linux programs from the linux org itself as there as a lot of upcoming projects from the embedded linux site as one of the worlds leading embedded designing companies windriver  itself has switched on itself from VxWorks to the red hat i am a new user to this platform in find this as a quik sand that who ever come into the linux world are all closing out their wndows,
   i also got a RH 9 installed into my system and i would like to know that how can i compile and run the C, C++ on the GCC env if u could  help me out to this


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