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Hai All,

I am working on Linux power management on Cortex A-9 dual core micro-controller. I am new to power management. So Can you anybody Please Help me on Linux power management architecture with Hardware level.

Please help me on this.....

Thanks & Regards,
Siva Krishna.  :)

I am using Samsung-exynos this controller we have 6 power states they are
1) Normal
2) Idle
3) Deep-Idle
4) Stop
5) Deep-Stop
6) Sleep

But in linux Kenel we have only Four Power states, they are
1) Run :)
2) StandBy
3) ShutDown
4) Sleep

So my question is How the Linux kernel 4 power states are controlled Samsung-exynos micro-controller 6 power states. How its inter-linked?

Please Help me on this.

Thanks & Regards
Siva Krishna.


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