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Sendmail saying "user unknown" after setting up MX


Hi Friends,

I set up the sendmail in my perosnal home lab. I am using mutt to send the email in between the machines. Everything is working fine if i send email like <username>@<hostname>. Now i set up the MX record for my domain "" and then i was trying to send the email to like, but in this case as soon as i press "Y" to send the email in mutt; i get this error

--- Code: ---Error sending message, child exited 67 (User unknown.)

--- End code ---

Even in the sendmail logs it shows user known. I know that my sendmail was not configured to accept message from the domain, so i added the to /etc/mail/local-host-names file but still this error remains. It is weird and i assume i should get a delivery failure with something saying like "relaying rejected"

So can anyone please help me figuring out what is going on here ?>


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