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Author Topic: Dell's new promotional activities for Storage Forum India (3-4 May)  (Read 9819 times)

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Many organisations are leveraging Social Media to create outreach to the general public for niche events these days. There usually has been a disconnect with the masses at large for such events especially if the events focus on cloud computing and storage servers- (Storage Forum India).
Dell has come out with a new campaign( where it is offering to give away its recently released Ultrabook XPS 13 and Smartphones in a contest which users can easily create an account and share its content on various social media handles.

Besides from using social media in regulars promotion which is being seen as a tidal wave of sorts, many companies are using traditional measure to promote such 'non-mainstream' events.

Do you think this is an interesting way of approaching event marketing?

More importantly, would YOU as a regular user would participate?

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Dells new promotional activities for Storage Forum India 3 4 May
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I seem to be getting an error when using the forum search, some general error about past searches not being deleted.  Is there an issue, or is it me?

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Re: Dell's new promotional activities for Storage Forum India (3-4 May)
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There Seems no issue with forum.