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Problem to setup network between SuSE 8.2 and Win98


I have install SuSE 8.2 a few days ago because i was tired of the instability of win 2000.
 i want to connect my other computer running win98 to this computer via a hub running SuSE 8.2. so that i can file transfer from my linux to my win98. otherwise i have to use CD to do the job. "too much time consuming and i am thinking of upgrading my win98 computer to linux but before i do that i want to make sure that i can network between computers for in our office i have 3 computer. One dedicated to Internet and 2 for working.
 The Ethernet card in working for i can access the Internet in DSL mode.
 I have tried by reading around to install LISA and Samba, but i am not getting very far.
 in "Control Center -> Internet & Network -> Local Network Browsing" using the LISa Daemon tab there is a button "Suggest Setting" when i press on it, it gives me "No network interface cards found."
 I have seen a lot of tips and suggestion using command configuration. Is there a way to do it using the GUI. If not i need every step to be explain in detail. I usually setup my win98 and win2000 computer with ease but with linux i find that the support is laking.
 Is Lisa and Samba the only way to do the job?

 Can anyone help me?
 Thank you in advance.

firstly ... r u able to ping each other?
set ip address of one machine and other with subnet mask
This is to make sure u r using right networking.

next u have to enable networking using samba..

That's a different story.. But samba is best to linux/windows netwoking .
To enable samba.. u have to configure samba configuration file and few more setting..

try samba urself and post the prob here.. if u get stucked anywhere..

We will see that..


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