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How do i create SUBdirectories in Dovecot.. ??



I wonder how i can get subdirectories (.INBOX/***/*** etc...) in dovecot...
I just stardet a mail server and when i tried to create it from the mail client (MS Outlook) it says that the server wont allow it...

Anyone who knows a solution?

I think either your mail server is not compatible with "MS Outlook" or your server is blocking it with it's firewall.Have you checked your firewall settings.

 I've done a bit of investigation on my filesystem, and by googling for all kinds of stuff, but I'm really drawing a blank on this particular problem.  Most of the general linux email documentation I've found
>> either doesn't mention IMAP, or doesn't mention dovecot, or both.  I can barely find any references to he concept of "subfolder" at all.  I really don't want to know anything about email servers, I just want the bloody thing to work.  Trying to figure out what the hell's going on is really frustrating!


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