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Author Topic: Squidguard getting bypassed  (Read 7387 times)

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Squidguard getting bypassed
« on: May 12, 2011, 06:47:38 AM »

Hi !  Need your support to resolve following scenario:-

We have squid proxy server working perfectly ok. For content management we have installed Squidguard over it. This also is working okay. The sites/URLs which were supposed to be blocked are getting blocked.

The users have come with a new technique -- Users log in to site Once logged in , the site gives options for opening Yahoomail and Gmail ( which are actually blocked in our scenario).

The URL displayed in the address bar at this stage does not have any mention of Yahoo/Gmail. If we block the URL displayed, it stops domain also which is required by us.
How can we restrict this kind of activity so that users are not able to go to Yahoo or Gmail sites ?

Thanks In Advance