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plz help me Mozilla is not workin

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Hii all ,

i m usin RedHat 9.0 since last 5 months. today i faced one problem. When i try to open Mozilla it is not opening.  I restarted the machine two times but it is not workin while i open Konqueror Web Browser, it is workin very fine.

plz help me.

puneet :!:  :!:

Try to reinstall it.. ie remove mozilla rpm and then reinstall from the installation cd.
do it like.. rpm -e mozilla*.*
then to install from cd.. using add and remove packages or rpm -i mozilla*.*

better log in command line mod to do all , not a shell when X is running

Hello Ricky,

                       Sorry but can u tell me in detail. coz from add/ remove program when i go there and try to remove it gives error like :-

                      Package not found : The followingh packages could not be found on your system.
                     Installation cannot continue until they are installed.

         unlocatable package                         required by
               mozilla= 1.2.1-26                          mozilla-mail
               mozilla = 1.2.1-26                         mozilla-psm
               mozilla= 35:1.2.1                          galeon
               mozilla =1.2.1-26                         mozilla-chat
               mozilla =1.2.1-26                         mozilla-devel
               mozilla = 1.2.1-26                        mozilla-dom-inspector
               mozilla = 1.2.1-26                        mozilla-js-debugger
                   mozilla                                       plugger
                    when i try to remove from  command prompt by givi the command :- rpm -e mozilla the followin error :-
        error: Failed dependencies:
       is needed by (installed) mozilla-dom-inspector-1.2.1-26 is needed by (installed) kdebindings-3.1-6
        mozilla = 1.2.1-26 is needed by (installed) mozilla-mail-1.2.1-26
        mozilla = 1.2.1-26 is needed by (installed) mozilla-psm-1.2.1-26
        mozilla = 35:1.2.1 is needed by (installed) galeon-1.2.7-3
        mozilla = 1.2.1-26 is needed by (installed) mozilla-chat-1.2.1-26
        mozilla = 1.2.1-26 is needed by (installed) mozilla-devel-1.2.1-26
        mozilla = 1.2.1-26 is needed by (installed) mozilla-dom-inspector-1.2.1-26
        mozilla = 1.2.1-26 is needed by (installed) mozilla-js-debugger-1.2.1-26      
mozilla is needed by (installed) plugger-4.0-23

so plz guide me wat to do from the start. i m very new in this field. should i have to insert the cd when i remove the package frm the add / remove progms.

I just face ur problem just now. What i did to solve this problem is:

uninstall the mozilla by typing:

1. rpm -e mozilla-xxxx.i386.rpm --nodeps

2. then reboot

3. enter root and install again by typing:
    rpm -ivh mozilla-xxx.i386.rpm --nodeps from ur cdrom.

hello dragoncity

but sorry can u tell me in which CD i have mozilla package. and plz tell me , i have to uninstall all the mozilla packages or simply one.



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