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dear sir,
I am using linux ubuntu 10.10
1.could you please tell me how can we install softwares of window into linux,
2.also suggest me some books or any free online tutorial for learnning of linux,
3.also tell me the advantages of using it, I am student of computer science engineering so I am also interested in programin in java,visual basic so please tell me does linux is helpfull for me..if than please suggest me some website for learning of such programing languages in linux...

You can use windows software in linux using wine.
Just google for references to linux books and you will find thousands of websites to help you.

I would add that about anything you can do in windows you can do in Linux.  As a example, you want to alter a image (camera picture) and would use Photoshop in windows.  In Linux, you can use GIMP.  You want to create a text document and would use MS Word or something in windows, you can use OpenOffice or LibreOffice in Linux.  Some programs that work in Linux also work on windows as well.  GIMP can be installed on windows as can OpenOffice. 

I usually go to google and type in linux followed by what I want to do.  That usually gives me ideas of programs I can use.  Sometimes, I ask.  GIMP for example is not to descriptive until you know what it is short for.  Graphical Image Manipulation Program.  G.I.M.P.  Then it hits you what it is used for,

Hope that helps.

 :)   :)

Most of the programs work well, but as the  platforms are different, performance will not be the same.

@OP, you can program in linux, but dont try to program in VB while working in linux.

Both the platforms have their own trade-offs.

I'm biased but I think Linux does it better.  LOL 

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