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Issue with website hosted on Virtual Redhat Server.


Hello to all of you I have just joined this respective forum and I have a issue with website hosted on Virtual Redhat Server.

Scenario is like this
I have three virtual redhat server(R1,R2,R3) 5.0 on VMware workstation 7.0 installed on window 7(physical machine),
on R1 I have DNS server , On R2 I have Apache web server and I have  hosted a website called "" just for testing purpose, R3 is just a normal server nothing installed on it yet..

Problem :
I can access my website "" from all of my three virtual redhat server but when I try to access it from some of my physical XP,window 7 machines as well as from virtual XP machine present on my local LAN, website cannot be accessed so I am not getting the point why it happens because I checked that my port 80 is listening .can anybody guide to to resolve this issue thanks in advance.


Hi dear,

First of all your dns should be configured in such way so that hosted website must be resolved, i mean your webserver hostname must be there in dns configuration so that it can be resolved.

Also check on client machine wether it is resolving or not by typing nslookup.

It seems that there can be issue of website resolution.

you must be able to telnet that website on port 80 from client machine and dns server on port 53.


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