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:shock: can enybody help me? how to install drivers for modem (motorola SM56) and soundcard (sound blaster: creative AWE64).
i have downloaded the drivers, but i don't know how to install.

First , Please post in correct forum and post only ones.. It makes it easy to get answer fast.. :)
No worry..
If you downloaded the driver then you have to extract them as they usually comes in tar.gz compressed format. (tar.gz is extension of compressed files in linux mostly ) to do so use..

--- Code: ---tar zxvf <filname>
--- End code ---
then look for "readme or Install" file in the package. they contain mostly all and detail steps..

hey for Motorola Sm56 drivers they had removed the driver support after the RHL 7.1 and i did not find any drivers for it since then............


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