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unable to install RPM packages


 im using RHEL 5 i dowloaded packages for SAMBA but it can not install some guys are saying create a REPOSITRY i have installed yum but im not abel to create

 a repositry to isntall packages.

 kindly give step by step command to create REPOsitry
and also how to  mount  dvd  i use fs -l
it shows but some times it doesnt hsows mounted deices

for mounting DVD
"mount /dev/dvd  /mnt "(this is optional u can also mount this in /media as u wish)
goto the location ..and see ur contents

for creating yum
1. u must copy the packages to the location /var/ftp/pub/Server.. where the dir Server is created by u
2.copy the comps.xml package from the cd to /opt
3.after copying the packages to the location  use this command
createrepo -g /opt/compsfile  -v /var/ftp/pub/Server
4 It shows u that it has finished successfully
5.give the location in yum i.e vim /etc/yum.repos.d/rhel-debiginfo
6 in the base url give the loc as ftp://pub/Server


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