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Problem using rsync with cron



I've created a cron job for a script with a rsync command in it. The script is named and contains the following line :

--- Quote ---rsync -avz /backups/myob >> output.log
--- End quote ---

What it is supposed to do is pull backup files from the production server of my company to my local server. It should also generate the log file (output.log) to show the result.

The crontab settings is :

--- Quote ---45 18 * * *   sh /sbin/ > /tmp/pulling.log
--- End quote ---

So by right with the settings above, I should get the backup files in my local servers /backups/myob directory. At the same time, I should also get the results in the output.log.

But the problem is I don't get the results at all.

I have SELinux running in permissive mode. Could this be the reason?


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