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Linux is very much resource Hungary


I have used windows all the time but from few last months i am on Linux and have found that its GUI application are too much resource hungary.

I have P4 2.5 256 DDR RAM and application run on it like I am running winXP on 64 MB , 600 mhz Pentium..

What you other feel in this concern ?

I agree with u. This is very obvious when i was using RedHat 8 till Fedora Core 1 now. But it's ok, if u have sufficient RAM that is 128 and above. 256MB and above will do just fine.

But in ur case that's something very wrong. Can u share with us on
1. How much allocate ur swap partition?
2. How large is ur harddisk size, wat's the file system?
3. Wat are the services u started.
4. How much u shared for ur video memory?


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