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how to play .dat video files in linux


How to play .dat video files in linux

This is a very wide question... depends upon which software u choose.

I prefer mplayer..

It is best for me.
If you got mplayer then to play from cd..

--- Code: ---mplayer -vcd 1
--- End code ---
To play a file

--- Code: ---mplayer <filename.dat>
--- End code ---

If u have mplayer gui then u can select file manually then play it.

download mplayer and also the codecs from its site. then compile it by enabling gui. u can play files from it by giving the command  

--- Code: ---mplayer -ao(audio output) <the codec> -vo(video output) <the codec> -fs (full screen)  <filename>  

--- End code ---

use the gui mplayer by giving command

--- Code: ---gmplayer

--- End code ---

Now mplayer has changed the way to play vcd.  now use..

--- Code: ---mplayer vcd://n
--- End code ---
Here change n with track No. of vcd.. for example if wanna play track 2 .

--- Code: ---mplayer vcd://2
--- End code ---


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