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I do not know how or where to "revert" as suggested in support staff emails


Hello, hfactor here.

I am a novice Linux user. I have UBUNTU, I have barely ever used BASH. UBUNTU usually is good to me, but I have had problems. I have no training in Linux, and I have not found a suitable book or course yet. I would like to learn enough Linux to be competent home user.

 I have joined your forum, but I often have been unsuccessful in finding solutions to my Linux problems.

I periodically get the following email sent to me, but I do not know where to "revert back" as you suggest near the end of your email, attached below.

Thank You,


*****COPIED EMAIL*********
From LinuxSolved Community to hfactor: LAST MAIL‏
From:    Linux Forums - Linux Help,Advice & support (
Sent:    Fri 10/09/09 9:23 PM
Hey hfactor, we have missed you at Linux Forums - Linux Help,Advice & support
Since its been a while, we thought we would send you a personal invitation to return.

Unfortunately, we sent you email prior to this one also but you did not revert back. This is our last invitation to you. Do let us know why you did not like to return to Linux Forums.

Your login username is hfactor.
If you have forgotten your password you can request it at

Linux Forums - Linux Help,Advice & support staff

You recieve such mails if there is no activity from you for a long period of time, since now you visited LinuxSolved and made a post, you won't receive any such post. Even if you visit once a month, you will never receive such mails.

Im new on here and have put a couple of posts up, when I click user cp it says I am not subscribed to any posts. How or where do I click to see what replies I have had other than on new posts and scrolling through to find the post I put up????


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