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Help Needed Urgent for LINUX Bluecat-device management


Hi guys..

Thanks for watching this thread.

I dont know if I post this in a correct place (sorry if Im wrong)

I have an assignment (school assgmnt) regarding the LINUX Bluecat distribution.

But I have zero (0) knowledge about it.

Can someone explain (or defines) these:

1. LINUX Bluecat-device management
2.LINUX Bluecat-process management

I have googled for those keyword, but I never get a result that relevent.

Can anyone?


First tell are you talking about BlueCat Linux?

if it is then i would like to tell you that BlueCat linux is enhanced model of linux for use in embedded system for any type of user.

you may find more details by the link below:

just catch this link and then we will discuss more about the same...



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