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looking for softraid 0 how to


Hi everyone,

I am looking for some help or a link for setting up a soft-raid 0 under Fedora 11,

I have 2 160gb SATAII hard drives that I want to set up as a RAID0 stripe for performance. My data backs up nightly to my server with rsync, so I am not worried about data safety if one drive fails,

I have found a lot of site that explain how to set-up a RAID1 mirror, but nothing on RAID0. My main dificulty is where to set my partitions and hoe to create my boot partition properly.

Anyone have a suggestion or a link?



You can create partition using Fdisk but if you want simple thing then look for "GPARTED" utility.

When you are done then you can create boot partition using any live CD and install GRUB on main partition so that you can boot by

--- Code: ---grub-install /dev/hda
--- End code ---

You may look for this tutorial , this one is very comprehensive but if you followed it completely then you will enhance your linux knowledge as well.

Alternatively, during Fedora 11 install, you can use its built in RAID system :


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