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Mac4Lin ver.1.0 released!

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I am happy to release Mac4Lin ver.1.0. I know it was long due. Was held up with my graduate school and work. Version 1.0 finally sees light! :)


* Fully supports GNOME 2.26 and backwards compatible
* Improved support for GlobalMenu, support integrated in the default GTK theme
* Better native Xfce support
* Icon additions
* Statusbar is now fixed
* New progress bars
* New tabs
* Improved installation and uninstallation scripts
* Integrates well with Globus
* Finer UI refinements
* Metacity theme now supports different button sizes
* Firefox 3 themes are now updated
* Songbird plugins included
* Pidgin AWN 64bit plugin now included
* Fonts are now consolidated
* Transparent top panel
* GDM theme is now in-line with Mac OS X login window
* Cairo dock is the default recommended dock


* Usplash is still buggy
* Thunderbird theme is still buggy
* GDM theme is not automatically set by the script


1) Mac4Lin Desktop, NOTE:Apple logo is NOT bundled with Mac4Lin

2) Mac4Lin Desktop with Firefox

3) Mac4Lin Login Window

4) Mac4Lin with Nautilus File Manager

5) Mac4Lin with Rhythmbox

6) Mac4Lin with Terminal

7) Mac4Lin on Xfce!

It is available for download at Mac4Lin Sourceforge.net Download page with immediate effect. Grab your copy now! As always, your feedback is very important. Do leave them at Sourceforge.net forums or my mailbox.

I am eagerly waiting for the Sourceforge.net Community Awards 2009.

Great Bravoo ...........
let me download and try .............
congrets again

Mac4Lin 1.0 Documentation is now uploaded. It can be downloaded from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mac4lin/files/mac4lin/ver.1.0/Mac4Lin_1.0.1_Documentation.pdf/download

It includes updated instructions to get that perfect Mac OS X look and also additional tweaks. I'd like to thank Hardin and Jeff for their contribution :)

Mac4Lin featured in the current issue of ComputerWorld alongwith similar projects: http://phoenix-ani.blogspot.com/2009/09/mac4lin-featured-in-computerworld.html

Mac4Lin is one of Lifehacker's Most Popular Linux Posts of 2009! It feels really good when you see your project figure on one of the Web's most popular tech websites! A big THANK YOU for all the support and appreciation :) 

The author writes:  "Mac4Lin Gives Linux Desktops the Complete Mac Look  It really, really does. If you don't mind the obvious break in your your free-as-in-speech fidelity, it's a pretty nice setup."   Full story: http://lifehacker.com/5428052/most-popular-linux-posts-of-2009 (Mac4Lin is listed just above Jolicloud and Chrome OS)


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