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updating Debian offline


Hi, I have a laptop with Debian (Lenny), and want to install packets, update system etc.. I have no access to the internet on my linux pc, but have a Windows XP pc connected to the web... is there a way to do this updating offline with the help of my connected windows pc ?

i have no idea about offline updating but yes you may you a  small proxy server at you windows system to provide net facility to your linux box and then you may update your linx box.

Thanks for your answer. Im totally blank on proxy servers, though :-) do you have a specific link on how one is about to do it, or is my best bet "our old pal" Google ?

one of the smallest one proxy you may get from here only
it usage 6588 port

Okay, thanks for the link  :) Without any knowledge on this subject, I guess that the theory behind using a proxy, is that my internet connection "dont care" if I surf from a linux box via a windows pc ? Ill try to figure out this proxy, and will report back here for sake of this help-forums users  ;) Thanks again for your help.


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