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Want to change Resolution


I am very new to Linux.
I am running two diff RHEL5 OS on VMware6.
For first os i am able to change resolution as I want but for 2nd one I am not able to change resolution more than 800*600. I dnt know how I was able to do it in 1st os.
Can someone help me?

Changing resolution is easy, from graphical interface, you can goto
System --> Preference and Screen Resolution

If you are not able to get resolution higher than 800x600 then you need to check if rigt video card is detected. You can goto
System--> Display --> Hardware
See whether the it shows right display card as you have in your system..

Alternatively , give me output of :

--- Code: ---#lspci
--- End code ---

I think u should also verify whether the VMware tools are installed properly or not... if so Ricky is right on the run..


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