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prob. in installing and not able to play mp3 file in linux9.


1> when installing linux redhat 9.0 its showing that LBA error ,its asking to ignore r cancel.i first ignored all data in the disk is lost ..then next time cancel linux got installed but.. if i use partion magic in windows it showing that "unable to init drive letter"

2> in linux when i tried to play pm3 n mpeg song ..its not playing how can i play in it...

plzz some one help me
wait for the solution

to playe mp3 install xmms.

to play movie look for mplayer.. the best media player for linux for me..
It all have gui version.. gmplayer.

mplayer can play vcd better than any other video player whether it is linux or windoz.

For having problem in install.. basically due to incorrect partitioning table.
If u are done then don't worry about anything..

Also please ask the questions in suitable section..

u must ask about installation in installation section


ya man
the new version of xmms with RHL 9.0  does not support mp3 this was the same problem faced by me luckily i also had RHL 8.0 and RHL 7.3 even RHL 8 does not support mp3 so i took the source code of XMMS from RHL 7.3 and compiled it and installed it. now it works fine
 So take an old version of xmms and install it.

Well there is a atch availiable in xmms.org for playing mp3 in RH9.0. if you are not comfortable with that xmms 1.2.8 rpm is also avialiable. This will work the mp3 ok.

about that LBA error forget it. also please don't use partition magic if you could help it. sometimes is corrupts the partition table so bad that an 80 gb disk shows only 10 gb. I am telling from my experiance. Also better way is to go for a full format and use fdisk to partitionor disk druid in RH9.0


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