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Hi, I've just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my computer and I can't change the screen resolution. The only choices I have are 800x600 (3:2), 640x480 (3:2) and lower.
I did not have this problem with the Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD.
I have an NVIDIA 5500 fx grafics card and a Samsung SyncMaster 2243 NW Monitor.
Also, I am a Linux noob.
Can zou please help me?

Thanks :)

After installing Ubuntu first time, it should have asked you to use Nvidia proprietary drivers.. did you say YES and followed upcoming prompts ?

Sorry, I managed to solve the problem myself... All I had to do was install the NVidia driver... It was rather hard, seeing how I'm a noob and all... :(

Yap.. that is I wanted to know that whether you are using Nvidia driver or not ..

Anyways, good to see it is solved for you :)


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