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How to install red5 on centos5


Hi, im a newbie on linux centos... so now i got a ddicated server using centos5 and i need to install red5 on it for my website... webcam chat...  so someone can tell me an easy step by step tutorial to how install red5 on centos5

thx :)

Cent OS is good to run server. In other words, cent OS is made from RHEL binaries. To run webchat or something related to website, you need to install webserver like Apache on it.
You can even install software like cPanel or Directadmin (both paid) and that will do all things required to run a webserver and then all you need is to run website and maintain website.

no i need to install red5

Now I got it, I thought you are talking about Rhel5 ie. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

So you want to install RED 5, Open Source Flash Server

Well, it requires you to have Java installed on machine and Apache ANT.

I found following tutorial, you can use it to do so:

ok thx ;)


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