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I'm happy to inform you all that Mac4Lin now uses the SVN version control system. The latest version Mac4Lin v1.0 RC2 is available there. Users may checkout to download the bleeding edge version.

The required info is provided here:

Subversion Server: https://mac4lin.svn.sourceforge.net

Path to Repository: /svnroot/mac4lin

Access instructions:

To access a Subversion repository, configure your Subversion client as follows:

* Hostname: mac4lin.svn.sourceforge.net
* Port: 443
* Protocol: HTTPS
* Repository Path: /svnroot/mac4lin

For clients that use a URL string:


Mac4Lin v1.0RC2 has not been released and hence is not available on the Downloads page. It can only be obtained through SVN. Comments, suggestions, complaints are welcome as always

Congratulation on New RC2 Release :)

Thank you, but its not public release. Just on SVN :)

Ya, I noticed but still is result of considerable effort :)

You bet! :)


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